Return & Shipping Policy

Returns & exchanges

Tell me, what’s your policy?

We get it -- your pants are only as good as their fit! You can’t start a #PantsPantsRevolution if yours are falling off ya. We want you to be head over heels in love with your SheFlys. That’s why we’re happy to offer size exchanges and returns for SheFlys that are new and unused (tags still intact attached!) within 30 days of delivery. 

While it might not look it, this is a small operation. Think apartment living rooms full of inventory, newsletter drafting and email responses during lunch breaks, nights, and weekends, and a one-woman-show-distribution center. That means returns take a lot of time (and $, energy, packaging materials, etc.), so we do ask that you pay the cost of  shipping back to us. That ~$8 helps us keep our [moms’ basement] lights on. Never fear; after we inspect your SheFlys, we’ve got you covered on the exchange shipping (or full refund) back your way. The same applies for SheFly Tees!

Anything I can’t return?

Kula cloths, stickers, & Noso patches! The good news is: no one has ever requested a return on any of these merch items anyway. :)

How can I avoid needing to return/exchange? I know each transaction results in additional time, money, and environmental impact.

Such a thoughtful Q -- thanks so much for asking! Before placing an order, be sure to consult: 1) our size chart and 2) our measuring instructions, which we (Laura in particular) spent a lot of time compiling to assist you to this very end. :)

How do I ship my order back to y’all?

  1. Provided it hasn’t been worn/tested in the wild and the tag is still on, drop that bad boy right in the mail! Please make sure you’re not sending back pants that have pet hair, last night’s dinner, dirt, or worse on them -- that results in one of us (read: GG) having to inspect and wash those SheFlys by hand, and might prevent us from being able to resell. You can send any returns, exchanges, or love letters (especially the latter) to the following address: 

SheFly Apparel

340 Grandview Dr.

Frostburg, MD 21532

Shipping policy

Where do you ship to?

Right now, just the U.S., though we know we’ve got SheFly Fans all over (we see you, Canada, U.K., Australia, and every other country with customers who have emailed!). We’re working on expanding our destinations, but currently can’t swing the insanely high international shipping costs (yet). If you’ve got a kind American pal, see if they can help you out! SheFlys are a great excuse for a trip with old acquaintances. ;)

How long will my order take?

  1. Please keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic has left many shipping and supply chains in ruins, so delays are pretty much the name of the game in this business. That being said, you WILL get your order eventually, and if you don’t, let us know -- we’ll make it right and send another your way.
  • We always let you know when your order has been received and when it has been shipped -- keep that tracking number handy so you can keep tabs.
  • If we have product in stock, you can expect your SheFlys within two weeks tops. If we’re without inventory and you’ve pre-ordered, the date on the pre-order page is our best guess! We’ll send updates as we get them from our factory. 
  • Shirts, stickers, and Noso patches all arrive within a week or two. Kula cloths come from the lovely Anastasia, who also adheres to this timeline.