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Meet the Go There™ Pant

Our patented zipper allows everyone to answer nature's call comfortably and safely, without exposing skin to the elements or other people.

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Patented Zipper

In addition to the regular zipper fly that allows you to take your pants on and off, a second zipper extends from beneath the first zipper to the back of the waistband. This design allows you to unzip only as far as you need to in order to maximize privacy on the trail, in the woods, or anywhere else nature may call.

Zipper Flap

While we love showing off our patented zipper technology, we added a concealing fabric flap on the outside for discretion, so it looks like a normal pant seam. We also included a flap on the inside, so you can go commando without your skin ever coming in contact with the zipper.

Go Pee

To use your SheFly pants, just unzip the second zipper as much as you need, pull your underwear to the side, and go! It’s that simple.

Born to Pee Wild

Traditional pants were designed for men — a members-only club, if you will. But we’re on a mission to make sure that everyone can relieve themselves outdoors with equal comfort and safety. Whether you’re walking your dog or summiting a mountain, SheFly helps you answer nature’s call with dignity.

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I HIGHLY recommend SheFly! My outdoor experiences have dramatically changed since using SheFlys. Whether it's backpacking, skiing, climbing, mountaineering etc., this design makes peeing in the outdoors so much easier! I have been searching for a company that makes a design like this for years, and now these kick ass women have done just that! Now I can enjoy the outdoors 100% without putting any extra effort into searching out the perfect pee spot.


My SheFlys are a total game changer. I no longer spend an hour on the job transitioning from dangling off the side of a bridge to using the bathroom.


Denver, Co


I got my first pair of SheFly's a couple months ago and was able to take them on a desert trip! They were wonderful for hiking and make it so easy to pee outside. They are the only pants I want to wear on when I am camping or spending a lot of time outside. I am looking forward to using them more!


Seriously brilliant. My mind is blown and I'm so excited this is the world my daughter is growing up in.


Love these pants! Brought them with me on a girls hiking trip in Northern CA earlier this year. It was so nice not having to expose my entire bottom half when relieving myself above tree line. Thank you SheFly!


I got my SheFlys a couple months ago and absolutely adore them! I wear them rock climbing and they hold up super well. I love the high waist, how you can cinch in at the ankles, and how useful the pockets are. You can also tie in at the waist so the pants are versatile for any body type! I can't imagine peeing the old-fashioned way again. It also feels great to support such an amazing company that advocates for equity, sustainability, accessibility, and 100% wholesomeness. 10/10 would recommend.


It’s rare to have the same pair of pants look good tucked into boots (thanks to the slick ankle elastic toggle) or worn over hiking shoes. My SheFlys deliver both looks with flawless comfort!


I couldn’t think of a better pair of pants to wear on the hike and zipline tour I did in Costa Rica! The material was water resistant and kept me dry and the fit was comfortable for the whole days adventure. They made me feel unstoppable!


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