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I've been waiting 3 decades for this

Words can't really describe how wonderful these pants are. I worked as an ecologist and spent many days in open rangelands for fieldwork and wished I had a pair of pants like these. What don't I like about these pants? Absolutely nothing. I love all the deep pockets - like REAL pockets. Love that they can be worn long or rolled up. I love that I can carry my kiddo on my back when hiking and I don't need to take him off my back to pee now! GAME CHANGER!!! Also, I'm usually a size 8 and these fit to size. I'm also relatively short (5'2") and don't find that they bunch too much around my boots. LOVE THESE. I need another pair.

Fit isn't perfect, but otherwise excellent

I took these pants on a 3-day backpack trip and they performed really well! It was an early season trip after a wet, cold spring, so there was a lot of butt-sliding on snow and climbing over downed trees and the pants still look brand new. The flipside to the sturdy fabric is that these pants are heavy and you will sweat a lot in them. They handle the sweat well, but it would be great to have a more summer-oriented version with lighter fabric down the road. They were clearly designed and made with great care. The color is beautiful. I love that I have both the option to make them capris or cinch the bottom to make them more jogger style. They also maintain a cuff, if you are short like me and need to roll them up to make sure they don't drag. The pee zipper works great and is genius, but I suggest practicing in a low-stakes situation. I have never peed standing up (which you can do with these pants depending on your stance), so I didn't know my pee stream has a direction and I got pretty close to peeing on the edges of the opening. The pee zipper is noticeably bulky at first, but I very quickly forgot it was there, even while sliding and climbing over lots of obstacles.

As for the fit, it's pretty great. It's not perfect, but my body is a shape most brands struggle to accommodate. I'm 5'2", 150 lbs, with most of my weight in my bottom half, which means my hips and thighs require a lot more space than my waist and torso. I got a size 10 and am very happy with it, but they're a bit on the tight side around my thighs and butt and gape around my waist at the back. They do have a cinch cord in the waist, but I still found myself constantly having to readjust and pull them up. These pants were also way too long for me as is, but the ankle cinch helped them stay off the ground and they can also be cuffed. Unfortunately, they can't be easily hemmed to fit my inseam because of the cinch, so it would be great if SheFly made different inseam lengths down the road.

All in all, didn't fit me perfectly, but pants rarely do. Everything else about them is magical.

Almost perfect

The material is perfect. The zippered pockets are perfect. The length is too long for me (5'4" with a short wheelbase) but the excess length works well as gaiters to keep out dirt and sticks. But the waist is too high. I know high waists are the new fashion, but structurally it does not work for me here.

I'm a field biologist and a climber. Last week I finally wore these pants (despite the awkward fit) and put them to the test.

I do have a waist (28") but it is apparently not defined enough to keep these pants from falling down to my hips. Maybe because I'm a size 4 waist in these pants but I'm wearing a size 6 due to my thighs and butt (130#).?

The waist is too high on me by the entire width of the belt loops. I was able to roll the waist down in the front to bring the pants crotch up to stop rubbing between my thighs a good 2" below my actual crotch.

This extra material at my waist due to the roll was not a problem while wearing a pack or a climbing harness. The harness leg loops kept the pants up as well. And for the first time, I was able to pee without taking off my harness.

The fabric gives perfectly while hiking in sweaty temps and doesn't stick to you. It also held up to a lot of bushwhacking without picking up a single snag. The zippered thigh pocket kept my smartphone safe and accessible all day and the zippered front pockets didn't fill with forest debris like all of my other field pants do.

If the waist and crotch fit me better I'd wear these pants everyday for every occasion.

Finally, the pants I've been waiting for!!

A friend told me about SheFly and I waited for these pants for 2 years and they are the most expensive pants I have and I'm so glad I have them! I love the material and the pockets and yes, of course, the crotch opening! These pants were made for me! I pee outside all the time and hate that I have to expose my butt, well now I don't! I am 5'10" 120 pounds, waist size 30 something and the size 4 fits good enough. I got teal and I love the color. There is string inside the pants if I want to tighten them. Thank you! I am glad they are finally here! Now I can pee happily.

So great I had to order a second pair!

I just received my second pair of Shefly pants. I liked the first pair (black) so much I decided I needed a second pair in a different color (teal).
They look great and work well as promised! I got size 8 (I'm 5'2, 135 pounds) and they fit perfectly other than the length. The newer pants are too long for me (they don't offer the "short" option anymore), but with the cinch straps at the ankles they fit ok (also they can be converted into capris using the snaps).
My only complaint is the high price, but I am glad to support this eco-friendly startup team of women. Hopefully as orders go up the prices will go down a bit.

SheFly "Pee Outside" Hat
Brittany Coleman
Love! Love! Love!

So cute, stylish, and fun to wear! I love the embroidered catchphrase and the fantastic quality - so soft yet very durable!

I went there!

Received my pants and went foraging (mushrooms) in them right away. If you forage, you may know that you wander around (slowly) for hours. I’d never been more excited to drain my water bottle and then my bladder! While over 50 with knees that no longer want to squat, I was able to put my back to a tree and hardly squat at all and, another time, to sit on a log and pee behind it while totally chilling. These are a game changer!

Love them!

These pants are amazing! I love that they are designed specifically for uterus-havers and aren't just a slightly different cut from a man's pant. They are stretchy but also sturdy. Super cute with amazing pockets. I've worn these to work and out and about and don't feel like I'm wearing hiking pants in normal society. But they also so comfortable for hiking! They even held up when I had to butt-scoot over loose gravel on a steep downhill hike. The zipper is also genius and works so well! Gone are the days of having to flex your body in such a way to avoid peeing on your pants around your ankles. Its also nice to know if someone walks by while I'm peeing off the trail I won't feel exposed if they see. I can't wait to see what else these ladies put a pee zipper on!! I usually wear a size 10 (height is 5'7" and weight around 170lbs) and have found them to be true to size for a slimmer fit.

New favs

New favorite hiking pants!!

So excited my SheFly pants have arrived!

This is a BRILLIANT idea! I'm so excited my SheFly pants have arrived and I can't wait to wear them. Great quality and initial test seem very easy to use. I can't wait for more options such as lighter weight summer pants and shorts. At some point petite sizing would be great, too, as I am size 8-10 and 5'2" tall. For now, i'll take advantage of the ankle elastic cinch.

Best pants EVER but order 2 sizes down!

I have done one hike with these pants and I am already in love. I peed right off the trail without baring my whole booty and patooty to unsuspecting passersby. And SheFly granted me a whole different super power that the pants designed for men do not: I can POOP wearing the pants without every mosquito in the Sierras snacking on my ass cheeks. SheFly one-upped the pantriarchy ;)

I got my SheFlys from the original kickstarter but unfortunately they were way too big (size 4). I just received my replacement pants (size 0) and couldn't be happier. Based on my measurements, I should be a 4 (my waist 27.5" and hips 36") but I was absolutely swimming in the size 4 pants. They sent a size 0 and it fits beautifully!! These are the first pair of pants that have fit my biker thighs/butt and not been too big around the waist. My legs are super short (inseam 27") so the pants are too long, but I can wear them in jogger mode no problem. I'd love to see petite sizes in the future, as this may fix the size issues for us shorter folks.

The fabric was light enough for a summer hike for sun/poison oak/tick protection and the pockets were all well designed and very functional. They are pricey, but they are worth it!

LOVE these pants

I saw an ad on Tik Tok for these pants right before a backpacking trip that I was going on and figured I would give them a try. First, they came super quickly like within 3-4 days. I ordered the teal pants and they fit perfectly and were super comfortable. I didn’t need a belt to hold them up and loved the amount of pockets on the pants. When I tried using them in the backcountry it was amazing!! No squatting, no weird shuffle and trying to avoid getting your feet wet. It was super easy and even with underwear on it wasn’t an issue. It made backpacking a LOT easier and the pants themselves were super water resistant and because of the material, it didn’t get super dirty from the dust, dirt etc. I will only be backpacking and even hiking in these pants from now on. They’re super cute, flattering and comfortable. I will say it’s a bit of a hefty price tag but it is worth the money. I plan on buying these pants for my sister and sister in law who are also avid hikers. If you’re on the fence about buying them, get them!! You won’t regret it.

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Ruth Wikoff-Jones
Never Another

I've been waiting for three years to get my body in a pair of Shefly's. A friend got in on the original kickstarter and I kicked myself when I asked her about them. She raved. Fast forward through the wait. As soon as orders were being taken again, I jumped in. These are one of the more expensive pants I've purchased but now that I've got them and have been wearing them, it was easy to justify a second pair. Every detail was obviously considered. The silhouette is just perfect whether you are curvy or have a narrow profile. Sizing is always tough with online orders, but I ordered a size 10 in the regular length (I'm 5'3" and about 145 lbs). The size is perfect. The rise is high so for someone short waisted that would be helpful to know.

The stretchy DWR finish fabric is soft at butter on the inside and repels water like a dream. The zippers are perfect and don't bind. The pockets are deep and well placed. I love the flap over the back pockets instead of a zipper or snap. The back pockets are deep and with the flap, my phone stays put. Rolling the pants up is easy and the snaps holding the straps are a firm hold without feeling like you'll pull the rivets out trying to undo them. The cinch at the bottom of the legs is a nice add to keep the bottoms against your boots or change the styling.

Let's get to the real test though. The fly. I found every thing about it perfect. I was skeptical that the zipper would be easy to use. The zipper is SO easy to work and the fly falls open perfectly to ensure you can pee without getting anything wet. The strip of fabric that's been run on the inside of the pant from front to back to cover the zipper (should commando be your style) is soft, wide enough and designed to stay put.

I could not be more happy about my investment in these pants. They are completely worth the wait. Next I'd love to see shorts in the same basic design and a few other fabric options as they are able to add them.

High Quality!

Excited to try out my new pants!

Definitely Worth Waiting For!

Over two years ago I received my original pair of SheFlys, which unfortunately were way too big. I returned them and then Covid hit and the world changed. I honestly thought I would never receive a replacement, but it was actually delivered this past week! During the interval, I fell prey to another company claiming to make a similar product. No Comparison! The quality of the SheFlys is night and day better! It is what you would expect in good quality hiking/outdoor clothing, but with the welcome difference of the zipper for us. That zipper works if you just want to squat and pee, or, my favorite, use a PStyle funnel so you can more easily pee standing up. Either way, I feel better about staying hydrated on hikes since I don't have to get undressed to take the necessary "nature break". I also like the pockets. The zipper pocket on the thigh actually securely fits my iPhone! I hope to see more styles and colors of SheFly pants in the future!

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Carolyn Coefield
Thank You!

Hi SheFly! I really like my new pants. I ordered a size 16. While they fit exceptionally around my legs and waist the rise in the front is a little high for me. I suspect that while I am a size 16 hip/thigh/waist I am probably a little short torso-ed for the high rise. When I have the pants pulled all the way up to where they are comfortable at the crotch the waist hits me just under my boobs. Regardless, they are still comfortable and I love that they will easily be a 4 season hiking pant for me. I suspect they will also work great for xc skiing this winter. I'm a fan of your pants and I adore your mission. I'll be taking my pants on their first backpacking trip in a few weeks. xo Carolyn

I look forward to wearing them in the cooler weather! would love to have a hot weather version

The size 6 fits me great (I am 5'4", 130 pounds) but it's too hot to wear them, sadly. I like to wear long pants for hiking, even in the summer, to keep off the insects and poison ivy, so I'm hoping for a hot weather version.

I hope to try them in the cooler weather (have to practice my aim in the meanwhile, lol). They feel very comfortable and have all the pockets. Will review again when I've actually used them.

Great Features! I’d love a petite version

I’m 5’3” and 130lbs and usually wear 6 petite Duluth trading company pants. I ordered these pants knowing they’d be long but planning to use the drawstring ankles and capri rollup mode because I really wanted to support this idea and this company. The pants are great! I like the feel of the fabric and thoughtful little features. The zipper pocket for phone on the thigh and the fact the the front hip pockets also zip are nice. The zip-through crotch for peeing in the wild works really well and will save my bum from many mosquito bites ; )
I found the pants to be a little saggy in the crotch which made the lining on the SheFly zipper chafe my thighs a bit which would not be good for long hikes. I got around this problem by folding over the waistband which shortened up the torso enough for a more snug fit, got rid of the chafing, and made the waistband sit a bit lower where I like it.
In summary… an excellent pair of pants for taller folks. I’ll enjoy this pair with my little modifications, but I’m hoping for a petite version someday with a shorter rise through the torso and a 28 or 29” inseam.

Incredibly thoughtful design!

Love everything about these. Surpassed expectations.

These are life changing!

These pants are life changing for female outdoor enthusiasts! I have tried a competitor’s products, and while they work well for the bathroom purpose, the SheFly team has targeted not only the “zipper revolution,” but also POCKETS! Not to mention, every facet of these SheFly pants has been carefully thought out. They have waist ties, ankle cinches, snaps to shorten the pants, and the material is fantastically stretchy and comfortable. An added bonus is the fabric does not attract lint or pet hair, so with 3 cats and a dog, my pants still look clean!


They fit like a glove and when I unzipped the lower zipper and tried them out my ladybits stole the show. I’m 5’4” -hourglass shaped. When I zipped them back up it was smooth and did not endanger my vulva whatsoever. The pants make my butt look fantastic, they’re nicely stretchy, and the pockets are serious. I love these pants.

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Linda Silverman
Better than expected

I really wasn't sure if I ordered the right size or if I would like these. BUT they fit perfectly, and the fabric and details are much better than expected. I am excited to see if peeing is easy (haven't tried yet). I so appreciate all the thought that went into every aspect of these hiking pants. These were expensive but I expect to use them for years.

Grand Opening

My friends and I have been waiting with much anticipation for the arrival of my SheFly hiking pants, which were delivered a couple days ago. I wore them yesterday on our hike to the high country in Colorado. I drank tons of water, so I'd need to pee. Finally, after being asked several times when I'd finally answer the call, I found a rock to prop up against. I easily and gleefully unzipped, and VOILA... an easy draining without dropping my drawers. Piece of cake. The biggest question the girls asked was about the comfort of the zipper. Honestly, I never noticed it, while seated in the 90 minute drive to the TH or while hiking. I went commando, and was totally comfortable. Also, on the trail I cinched the hemline cord to keep the tics and mosquitos at bay. In the warm car ride home, I snapped them into capris. I love everything about these ingeniously designed pants! Thanks.

100% Worth it

Hiked on a 90 and 100 degree day in these, didn't overheat. I'm 5'6" 130lbs, I got two size 2s. They fit perfect. A little loose around the waist but the tie piece makes them fit perfect. Super easy to pee in without getting it on anything which is rad. Really comfortable, no rubbing, and don't catch- walked through blackberry bushes on slightly overgrown trail and walked away without damage or torn up legs. I like being about to roll them up when needed. Would totally buy a Capri or short version for trail running too. Really like the pants for climbing.

Good yet not spectacular

These pants are kind of thick for wearing for fieldwork in the summer. I like the tie and button waist for extra support. They are stretchy, yet I thought they’d be higher waisted. It’s really hard to not get pee on the zipper once you’re in the position to use the bathroom. I’m petite so the overall fit of pants aren’t great.