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SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Virginia Garrett
I love my SheFly pants!

Comfortable, attractive, easy to use. They have improved my hiking experience so much that I bought a 2nd pair so that I will have a spare pair for traveling.

Worth the Price

I waited to buy because of the price but took advantage of their sale. I have not worn them yet on a hike but they fit great (I'm 5'6, 120 lbs and wear size 4) and I am psyched to try them out! I love their history, that they have sizes for all body-types, that they are women-owned, their philosophy...really everything about this company! And the pants are worth every penny.

Glad I happened in!

I saw these pants in a pop-up in western MD. GG's mother was there, wearing the pants and they looked great on her. So I ordered a pair. Got them today. They are fabulous. The fabric is stretchy and very comfortable. The teal color is very pretty. The fit is true to size. I haven't peed in my pants yet, but looking forward to it. I read the team's bios. Quite impressive. I hope much success for you. BTW, a petite option would be great for us short for our height girls.

Really nice!

The material is so smooth and classy. I love "the zipper" and can't wait to go camping/hiking and use it. I am 5'5" 160 lbs and am kind of between a 10 and 12. (I got both.)

Love and 1 more leg pocket plz!!!!!!!

I absolutely love my pants!!!! These are my dream come true and these ladies did it best.They work well in so many situations(wink wink).I have just about mastered peeing without getting it all over my pants. Haven't tried #2 yet. I always keep a kula cloth attached to my pack on a short leash for EZ grab and wipe. These pants are super comfortable, heavy duty and durable.i can also go commando in them very comfortably and that makes for EZ access for a nature love quickie with my man. I'm not sure about summer time wear yet since I usually wear a skirt during warm weather hikes. They may be too hot. But you can roll up the legs which I like a lot. We need a big pocket on the left leg to match the right one!!!!!! Big pockets are where it's at when you're a hiker. 1 MORE POCKET PLZ. Then I'll buy 2 more pairs. I love what you ladies are selling. Nice work. I just beg for 1 more leg pocket. Peace love and pee in the woods. But don't throw tp on the ground please. It's gross. At the very least cover it with leaves. Better yet, buy a kula cloth..... Reusable pee cloth. Perfect!
I'm 5'7. About 150 lbs. I originally bought a10 but it was too big in the crotch so the 8 is perfect. I'm normally between 8 & 10. (This info always helps me.)

Multi-pitch mandate! Go There pants for the win!

These pants are what I had been fantasizing about for YEARS. Women have it rough when relieving ourselves on a multipitch because it's generally not safe to come out of the climbing harness, it's a total pain to try and pull your pants down inside the harness and then pull them back up and try to re-tuck shirts and underlayers back into them. So annoying! Makes you almost want to drink less water so you don't have to wait to pee for hours, which is a terrible idea. Enter the Go There pants! Safely stay in your harness with no annoying tucking and untucking and pulling of clothing. Just unzip and spread 'em. Boom. The glorious convenience of relieving yourself safely. Hydrate well on the wall, ladies!!!
Also these are great pants for discretely peeing in nature on hikes, etc. I even cut the crotch out of my long johns so I could enjoy the convenience of a pee zipper on a very cold day. Maybe @shefly will consider a line of crotchless long johns? These pants are a game changer. Thank you!!

In love!!!

Okay ladies… LOVE! Not only are these pants functional and flattering but they absolutely get the job done. I tested them out in Yosemite autumn rain and I stayed dry, the water beaded right off. They are insanely comfy.

I wear a size 2-4 in pants but I am 5’8” 125lb so I ordered a 6 for the length and I like a little looser fit adventure pant. The 6 would be better for layering (which defeats the purpose of the fly but these pants are multi functioning). The 4 is perfect for everything else. I haven’t tried them with my climbing harness yet but I will this week!

My boyfriend and I joke “don’t touch my zipper!” He loves them ;) perfect for a little sneak nature loving hehe

Anyway, I have two pairs and I am absolutely obsessed and tell all my adventure girlfriends.


These pants are everything! Finally there is no need to hike far off the trail or find a big tree or rock to hide behind in order to pee outside. Also, love that these pants are compatible with a climbing harness. My first SheFly pant was one of the early versions, which had a fit issue (for me at least) and the fabric was stiffer. I still like those pants for working outside, but my second SheFly order, which recently arrived, made me even more psyched for this company. I am in love with these pants! The fit is great, the fabric is lighter, and I love the color contrast of the zippers inside the pants. And of course they still have all the pockets.
If you're worried about how easy these are to use, let me say that I have had no problems at all. It is very easy to unzip the pant and pull your underwear aside to pee. The only thing you need to get used to is the mental aspect of peeing with your pants still on. I am so accustomed to having to pull my pants down that it took a little while to remember NOT to do that. I can't wait to see more products, like shorts, biking shorts, ski pants, etc. although I think I will be able to use my new SheFlys for x-country skiing some this winter.
I love supporting this women-founded and women-led company. They really care about the product and about their customers.

SheFly Stickers
Love my SheFly Stickers

Perfect for my Nalgene!

I gotta pee now

These pants are amazing. Was riding home the other night on the motorcycle when I pulled over and took a pee without show my ass. Love ❤️ your pants.

Perfect Size!

This is a first. I put these on and it was like they were made to fit me exactly. I was sure I’d have to return them for a different size, but I don’t! And, if I get a little chubbier or lose a little weight, the waistband is adjustable. Then, I’m so looking forward to using the unique zipper. What a difference that will make on my hikes! I couldn’t be happier with them. Size 6, 132 lbs, 5’5”.

Just Bought My Second Pair!

Note: bought black and jade, size 12, 185lbs, 5'6"
I am thoroughly impressed and happy with BOTH sets of my SheFly pants. Part of the reason I waited to place a review is because I needed to know if the sizing would be consistent. Be assured that no matter what color you choose, the pants will fit the same. I am so grateful for this due to having inconsistent sizing from main retailers, all the time. Now to the pants themselves.

I would say the pants fit perfectly in the legs. As someone with smaller calves but definitely heavier thighs and butt, these pants hold it all and make it look great! I would say my large caboose does make it slightly difficult to zip up after being "on-the-go," but the quality and strength of the zipper has me convinced that I could use that zipper 100 times and it won't snag or snap off its track.

The only downside I have seen so far is the cinching system. Though I love how flexible it is for any body type, I do have a smaller waist which means I have to cinch each time I wear them. Rarely, that can dig in more than I would prefer, so my only suggestion to the SheFly team would be to look into different cinching systems. In my case, I think I will be trying a belt with the built-in belt loops on the pants next!

Last feedback: buy pants from women-led companies if you want a woman-led fit! I cannot wait to see where this company goes.

Terrific fabric and design!

I was super hesitant to spend this much money on a pair of pants...but....they are amazing! The fabric, fit, design is top notch.

5-star - Highly recommend!

These pants are incredible. You can tell they are made with high quality materials and built to last. So happy with my purchase.

10/10 would recommend

I’m not usually a big review writer, but these pants are a game-changer! They’re comfy, they look great, have tons of amazing pockets, they do great in the rain (water beads and rolls off), and most importantly, it is so easy to pee! I was worried they would be challenging to use in practice, but it worked seamlessly on my first try. It is so so clear that these were designed by and for women. Can’t wait to use them again!

Glad I spent the money

Usually a size 8 in pants, but as the sizing tip said, I have a great fit in the size 6. The stretch fabric will also let me put G-form padding underneath when I want it. Phone pocket zipped shut with my bigger-size phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The SheFly works, and it is a liberating feeling! The elastic cuffs are nice. The back pockets have a stretch flap that gave good access to a small paper map and it couldn't pop out. Photo is me finishing zipping up--nice wide zipper lining with answer nature's call written on it. I'm glad I spent the money!

Comfy & Cute!

I was very nervous ordering the Shefly pants as a plus size gal. They turned out to fit so well! High waisted and super comfy! I can’t wait to use them out and about!

Yes, they're good

I was a very early funder/buyer and my shipping experience was a nightmare; took over a year (I completely forgot about the order by the time I heard back), size was wrong and they kind of blew me off rather than just saying sorry we screwed up, and so the first pair sat in tags way too large for me for another year. I finally gave as a gift to a hiker friend.
But… once I got a pair in my size and actually wore these pants, and was prepared to criticize at the slightest imperfection, I could not find fault. Really, these are great pants. They are well made, durable, keep out mosquitos (they love me), don’t catch my crotch, are wide enough for no spill pee, have functional pockets, are breathable, and they look good! I wear them hiking, but also for work pants and when I have long outings with the kids. They are so comfortable and useful. I’m glad now that I kept the pair and actually tried it out.
I am 5’3” and 112 and the size 0 fits with room. I would go to 00 for a tight fit. Waist is loose and I’ve had 4 babies.

Practically Perfect Pant for me

I showed this off to my family and not only did it get the desired laughs, they wanted a pair for themselves.
Here are the features that they have and I love:
Front pockets (deep, but not too deep) with zippers (when I saw the zippers on the pockets I was not happy until I felt how soft they were. Love them.)
Back pockets with a flap instead of a zipper. Well planned. I did not know, until I used them, how easy they were to use.
Right side zippered pocket. Again, deep yet not too deep. (I love side pockets and wanted one on the left also.)
Cinch on bottom of pants (love this. I am 5'3" and needed to shorten them up a bit.)
Roll and snap legs to turn them into capri length.
The material is unusually comfy. The stretch is good, just enough. My lumpy parts were smoothed out without discomfort.
The kept belt loops, useful for attaching things onto as well as possibly using a belt if I wanted to.
The she-fly zipper is brilliant. This is what I was looking for and all the above is bonus.
I am a backpacker and bought these to hike the PCT next year. I have already tried out the she-fly and what a game changer. I won't need to look for a hidden place to eliminate due to the need to pull everything down. I will be more protected from mosquitos and cold. I am so impressed by these pants and would recommend them to everyone. I have already purchased my second pair. Kudos to the inventors and makers of these amazing pants.

Amazing for climbing!

These pants are PERFECT for climbing! They are stretchy and comfortable! It was always annoying to still have to take my harness off to use the bathroom even though the harness doesn’t need to be removed. NOW I CAN GO AT EASE!! Watch out, belayer! 😂

Love these!

So excited to finally have a pair of these pants! The fit is great, the #of pockets is wonderful. Looking forward to getting a ton of use out of these for hiking, camping and everything else!


I have searched forever for a GOOD pair of hiking pants that checks every box. None have been perfect. I want them to be a durable fabric that’s stretchy, with pockets that are deep enough for my phone to not bounce out (or to just be functional!!), with an adjustable waist, and optional capris. I finally found a pair, and the women-owned company made them even better than I could have dreamt up! SheFly pants are revolutionary. They have an elastic drawstring at the ankle (keeps out dirt, sand, ticks, etc) AND they unzip at the crotch so you don’t have to completely undress to answer nature’s call (super cool when it’s buggy out, you’re in a busy area, etc). The pockets are all deep and designed to keep things in (zippers or flaps to close them).

I have never ordered a pair of pants online and had them fit. I was geared up for an exchange (which are free), but NO…I can’t believe it! They fit perfectly, like they were custom made. 🤩 I’m so impressed!

So comfy and cute!

I thought these pants would be purely functional, but was so pleasantly surprised by how flattering they were. I want to wear them on the reg, not just hiking. The cinch option at the bottom of the legs is great. Love how versatile these pants are.

Pee Free

I love the quality, design, and fit of these pants…pockets galore and great fabric feel.
I’m spreading the word to my gal pals (I offered a demo but they declined😉)
I just got off a portion of the AT trail this past week and my only issue was while wearing my thermals I had to resort to bare butt:( so,, new product to design ,, thermal option or lined Pants although I was able to feel comfy in temps of 28 degrees in just my shefly’s! Love them.!

Fantastic pants

I love the comfy pants. Great material, great Jade colour! I am keen to test the Easy Pee function, however will refrain from doing this on my community walk and wait for a weekend hike.