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Where have these been all my life?

Love my new SheFly hiking pants. Very well constructed and comfortable too! The fit is great and I look forward to wearing them this summer with the option to shorten into capris. I know I will enjoy these for years to come.

Great quality

These pants are great quality, fit well and the material is very comfortable. The pockets and details very handy. I of course purchased for the shefly and the zipper goes all the way from front to back. I would purchase again.

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Jennifer Dempsey
Great for busy group hikes in open terrain!

I'm thrilled to have these stylish and functional pants at mid life, and they fit so well (ordered size up). The zippers seem really high quality and generous at the crotch. It was so much easier finding a place to pee on a shrubby plateau above the Columbia River Gorge, with these pants and I will choose to wear these on any longer hikes in the future. I'll look forward to buying another pair in a fun color next time! (Requesting navy blue, deep mauve, forest green, dark gold, and/or dark brown!). I only wish I had pants like this when I was younger, when I used to work in the outdoors and once had to flee a yellow jacket's nest in the ground, mid pee...


I’m 68 and have been hiking for years and finally have found the most practical pants ever made for women!!
I love the fit (not low riders), love the fabric , love all the pockets, and the adjustable cuff and of course the zippers that make answering nature’s call on the trail an easier process. They have surpassed my expectations and I am telling all my friends about them.

Great fit!

Love these pants, they make my booty look amazing and fit perfectly :) I would love if they made a jogger cut in addition to the boot-cut. Overall awesome pants and super comfy

Great fit, fantastic pants!

Thought I ordered too large but the size 8 fit perfectly (I’m between a 6 and 8), and will use these for a month when I travel to Portugal and Spain soon. Love the material and how the pants feel, stretchy and just right.

brilliant pants, brilliant design

I have been following this brand for about 8 months debating whether or not to purchase, I was researching best hiking pants for women and stumbled across the company. In the 8 months of following, I learned of the owner's enthusiasm and community the brand brings to the outdoors and it is special and made me want to support them. The go there pants went on sale and I couldn't pass them up any longer. These pants are exactly as described. I sized down based on the reviews and was happy I did, they have a very nice fit and are super stretchy allowing non-restricted movement. They are a little thicker material than I was expecting, I believe this will lead to their durability, but I will have to see how they perform in the hot summers here in AZ. Overall very happy with the purchase and have been telling my friends about them ever since.

I’m in love with these pants!

I absolutely love these pants. Not only because they make peeing while backpacking easier, but because they fit me so well too. I love the material. I’ve found that I no longer need rain pants which are usually a necessity for me during the winter and spring.

These are also great to wear while traveling. No more fear of dirty toilets in public restrooms. I just stand over the toilet, unzip and pee. Super easy!

Comfiest stretchiest trousers ever!

Just received these - I'm in the UK so had to wait for my mum to visit my aunt in the States, but worth the wait. They fit so well, the size chart is perfect. Only thing is they're a little long, and I'm average-to-tall at 5'6.
I love the pockets, the high waist fit, and the darts at the knee. The fabric is so comfy and stretchy it barely feels like wearing anything. The zips seem durable and you really don't feel them.
These will be perfect for climbing adventures this summer.


I have had these for a while but actually used them for the first time yesterday. It was so easy, amazing and quick! I just zipped and squatted. My friend took twice as long because she had to do the disrobe thing. What a great invention. I’m sold!!


Love everything about these pants. Brilliant concept. Great fit. Fun color.

My hikes are now longer.

Now I am in my 60’s my hikes have gotten shorter because of a more frequent need to pee. The crotch zipper makes peeing so easy! I wasn’t real happy with the fit. I had to tailor the waist. The fit felt like they took a smaller size 8 or 10 and added inches for plus size, so didn’t feel like a true plus size fit. But I did like ease in going to pee that I ordered another pair knowing I will have to tailor them to fit.

These are it! Why would I hike in any other pants?

These do exactly what they're supposed to. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to get these is that women are especially vulnerable when going to do their business. These pants are a complete game-changer. You don't have to stray as far from your group for privacy and you don't have your ankles tied up making you unable to get up and move or run if needed. All of that is above and beyond the obvious convenience. I'm hoping to get good enough that I won't even need to put down my pack to go to the bathroom. I'm also excited to have pants to wear if I need to get up in the middle of a cold night to relieve myself. These will be infinitely warmer and faster than the old fashion way.

Very happy with purchase!

Great fit, the fly works beautifully, and the pants are extremely durable. Took a road trip in them right after they arrived in the mail (great packaging btw) - the only pants I brought for one week visiting friends, playing with grandchildren, and sightseeing - and they held up well. Used the fly everywhere I needed to go: outdoors, public restrooms, etc., and never a mishap or an issue. Wonderfully water-repellant, and brushes clean. These make great cool weather pants. Would recommend them to anyone. Would be ecstatic if they came in a lighter-weight fabric for summer hiking/backpacking.

Great pants!

I was worried that the zipper would be uncomfortable when I purchased my first pair of pants, but it was not, I hardly notice that it's there! I was excited to order my second pair. The pants are everything they advertise and more! lifetime fan!

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Grace Christianson
Excellent in every way.

The fabric, fit, detail stitching at pocket zipper and fly zippers, drawstring cords at waist and ankles - everything is perfect, and I am very fussy. The crotch zipper really works for doing your business. I do suggest practicing at home before your big outdoor adventure. I am short and usually choose a petite option. That wasn't available here, but the drawstrings at the ankles adjust the leg lengths enough so that they don't feel too long. I wore them when I was working out in our currently very snowy backyard. The snow and wetness just brushed right off so I stayed dry and didn't drag snow into the house.


I spent so much time browsing outdoor stores looking for hiking pants with the stretch, comfort, and “real pockets” of men’s hiking pants but was always disappointed. Finally, I have a pair of pants not only with real zippered pockets, but the BEST zipper. I feel much more confident being on the trails and have many plans for them in the near future.

I am a size 6 in regular pants and decided to get a 4 here. They are tight in my quads, but the stretch makes them feel like leggings. The size down recommendation is accurate.

Please make shorts too!

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Samantha Luegger
Most comfy pants I own!!!

I have three pairs now lol Absolutely love them!!!
SUPER comfortable!!!
Very flattering! Make butts look great!! (hahaha, but I am not joking!)

Well done on the zipper!
(I) Don't feel it, and no chafing.

I own two different sizes. I have REALLY bad stomach issues; some days I am like a woman who is 9 months pregnant (lol): I am typically a 6 to 8, but in these pants I wear a 4 to 6.
A friend that is normally a 4 to 6 wears a size 2 in these pants.

HIGHLY recommend!!!
1000% worth the $168 investment!!!

My Fancy Pants, as I call them!

I have waited to write a review until I was sure I could find nothing wrong with these Wonders of the Universe. 4 months of owning 2 pair and multiple primitive camping trips and nothing, I can find nothing that I don’t LOVE about these pants. They stretch in all the right directions, hold up to all the dirt and grime of a weeklong trip in the woods with no shower or potty facilities. The zippers on the pockets give you peace of mind that anything you have in your pockets is not going to fall out. The pockets are deep, holding all the things you need to take on a walkabout. The flap on the back pockets even keeps your wallet in your pocket during and after the squat. I was worried the extra zipper would be complicated to zip/unzip between the legs but found out right away it was no harder then pulling your pants down and trying to squat in them without getting splash on your pants/shoes, all while trying to not expose yourself to anyone who might be around. Which by the way does not happen with these. If you are on the fence about getting a pair to try, I would recommend 1,000% to just do it and get one pair. Soon you will find yourself with multiple pairs 😊 Just ordered myself 3 more pair I love them that much.

Very stretchy!

These are really comfortable and very stretchy. They are warm. I will definitely grab these for cooler hikes. The zipper for easy peeing is why I bought these and it functions perfectly. I bought the blue color and it is as pictured and beautiful! Love love this color!

My usual hike pant is the low waisted Halle by Prana and I get a short size 4. In these, it is a much higher waist so I went up to size 6. They fit like my Kuhl winter hike pants size 8. Similar weight of fabric but these are much stretchier.

I am a 40 hip but my waist fluctuates a lot due to endometriosis. The size 6 fits my hips perfectly and the waist is snug when my waist is 32 but loose when I am at 28. The inner drawstring is really nice. The length was fine for me, I am 5ft3. If you are shorter than that or if you are proportionally less leggy and more torso, you might find them a bit long. All elements on these pants are high quality!

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Elizabeth Rendlen
My favorite pants

I love these pants as much for the way they feel and stretch, as for the way they function. They are so comfortable I wear them instead of jeans, and I don’t feel the lower zipper at all! Please make petite sizes, tho, as these are too long!! (5’3”, maybe 5’2.5”….)


I ordered the first pair of SheFly pants just because I was curious about the zipper. Not only does the zipper work extremely well (no splattering) and is a game changer for any woman that likes to hike, but these are the most comfortable hiking pants I’ve ever owned. The material is very sturdy yet super soft and stretchy. They are really well cut, the length is perfect, and there is a lot of thought to put into little details, like the zippered side pockets, the drawstring, the adjustable leg length and more. I have to admit that I own these pants in three different colors now! I was worried the teal would be too bright but it’s a really beautiful color. The grey has a lilac tint which I love. What a truly wonderful product! These are my happy pants now.

Love, even as a tall woman.

I am 5"10, 158 lbs and bought size 8. I normally wear size 10 tall in jeans. I knew they were going to be shorter than I prefer. The length only goes to my ankle, but I was pleasantly surprised that with ankle high hiking boots they are looking enough to cover the boot. Also, when I wear with other shoes or around the house I tighten the sinch and they just look like cute jogger pants! The zipper function works like a dream, and my legs are not bothered by the zipper. I prefer low rise pants to allow my breathing to be as unrestricted as possible, but I was pleasantly surprised these pants seem to allow for healthy abdominal breathing. If anything I could probably fit into size 6... Sizing into the next size up would not have worked.

They are great but unfortunately I ordered the wrong size.


I love hiking, but peeing in the wild has always been a struggle. These pants have solved my one hiking complaint!