How Our Pants Work


Answer Nature's Call

To use your SheFly pants, just unzip the second zipper as much as you need, pull your underwear to the side, and go! It’s that simple.


Patented Zipper

SheFly pants include a patented zipper design that will change your life next time you answer nature’s call outside. In addition to the regular zipper fly that allows you to take your pants on and off, a second zipper extends from beneath the first zipper to the back of the waistband. This design allows you to unzip only as far as you need to in order to maximize privacy on the trail, in the woods, or anywhere else nature may call.


Zipper Flap

While we love showing off our patented zipper technology, we added a concealing fabric flap on the outside for discretion, so it looks like a normal pant seam. We also included a flap on the inside, so you can go commando without your skin ever coming in contact with the zipper.