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Happy National Trail Mix Day!
Yes, it’s a real holiday. Any outdoor enthusiast knows that the best adventures are fueled by trail mix. It’s sweet and salty, requires zero cooking skills, and is 100% customizable. What’s not to love? 
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What These 12 Water Bottles Say About You
What These 12 Water Bottles Say About You The water bottle. A summer camp staple, a life-saving hydration receptacle, a fashion accessory. Whether it is a humble companion or a full status symbol, we never leave the house without it!...
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SheFly Recommends: Summer Reading
This summer may feel overwhelming after the pandemic year we’ve had (and are still very much in the midst of). We changed out of our pajamas, we went out to dinner, we saw friends, we took trips near and far. But we hope that in all the hectic plans of this summer season, you are able to find some down-time - whether that is in your home, out in nature, or somewhere else. If you’re taking a breather (by the pool, by the campfire, on the couch) and are looking for something new (or old) to read, here are some informative and inspirational non-fiction recommendations from our team.
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